Crew Matrix for every vessel required after 10th January 2011

The SIRE crew matrix has been available on the SIRE system for over a year and as from the 10th January becomes essential. The new VIQ5 will also be launched about the same time and question in Chapter 3 will change to (Italics are the Inspectors Guidance notes):

Crew qualifications:

3.9 Does the officers’ matrix posted for the vessel on the SIRE website accurately reflect the information relating to the officers on board at the time of the inspection?

Note: The operator is responsible to maintain up-to-date records relating to the officers on board the vessel at any given time, using the electronic Officer Matrix that forms part of the SIRE HVPQ for each vessel which has been submitted to SIRE. Prior to boarding, inspectors must access and download the HVPQ including the Officers’ Matrix. The Matrix must be either printed out or downloaded and used during the inspection to check officer qualifications and experience. In the case of the senior officers (Master, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer and Second Engineer/First Assistant engineer), the actual details must be checked against the data contained in the Matrix and an Observation made in the event of any irregularities. Spot checks must be made of the actual records applicable to junior officers. Inspectors must take into account that where recent changes of personnel have taken place, it is not realistic to instantly update the matrix and allowances must be made. Observations must not be made unless the personnel change(s) took place more than seven days before the date of the inspection.

If the officers’ certificates are not issued by the same Administration as the flag State of the vessel, then an endorsement (or a separate document) is required which attests to the recognition of that certificate by the vessel’s Administration. An Administration may allow a seafarer to serve for a period not exceeding 3 months, provided that documentary proof of an application is readily available.

The operator’s policy should ensure that the master and chief officer and the chief engineer and second engineer, are not relieved at the same time and that there is a suitable handover period for all four ranks.

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